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How to measure for collars

Measure your neck to get size for collars.

The average male neck is 15" round and female is 13" round. The best way
to measure is with a tape ruler, if that's not available a regular US
size paper 8.5 x 11 is useful. Cut a strip horizontal so you have 11"
and fold another strip into sections to narrow an estimate for inches to
add to it to get your size. Order accordingly if you like to wear your
collar tighter around your upper neck or looser hanging at bottom of
neck around collar.
The collars are sewn to the side release buckles so it's non-adjustable,
since each one is custom made they are non-returnable.

Example: My neck 16" round but i wear my collars pretty loose around my bottom
neck, so i make a size 18" for the collars i wear.