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SLUG Magazine review in March 2015


2015 Punk Rock Bikini Calendar
This punk rock bikini calendar showcases 13 women wearing custom clothes made by two SLC artists, Trevor Bellaccomo and Alexander Yang. The self-described “pogo punk enthusiasts” behind the clothing company Seditionightmares have attempted to showcase their looks as hardcore punk, but fail to truly capture the DIY ethic of punk aesthetics. The zine-ish format appears more like a copy-paste into paint as a fast adver- tisement gimmick. Each month features women wearing various belts, “bondage shirts,” and bikinis in a Myspace- esque style, and unfortunately crosses the threshold into gaudy territory with extremely awkward Photo shopping, strange poses with guns, and overall bad composition. Everything is secondary to looking as punk as possible like a Hot Topic ad gone awry, thus it draws attention away from the products. However, it’s clear that both artists believe in their art, as ill-fitting and generic as I think they appear. The actual calendar portion is quite plain, but it includes birthdays and deaths of punk idols plus random concert dates. I commend the participants for trying their hardest to look like they don’t give a fuck about their marketing, but I just don’t give a fuck either. Well, maybe that’s the point. –Taylor Hoffman"