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Bondage shirts-sizing & washing

Bondage shirt sizing:

XSmall size available by email request

          Width      Length

XSmall    16"       20"+4" with flap

Small     19"       23.5"+4" with flap

Medium    21.5"     26"+4" with flap

Large      25"      28"+5" with flap   

X-Large  28"       28"+5" with flap

2XL       31"        28"+5" with flap

3XL       35"        30"+5" with flap

The bondage shirts are supposed to fit baggy. Order the size of shirt you usually wear. If you wear a regular Medium, our Medium size will fit a bit loosely or if you wear a Large it will fit more tightly but work. These are made to the exact replicas of what was sold at the SEX shop in the UK in the 70's PUNX DRESS PUNX

Wash bondage shirts like you would regular white cottons in cold water in washing machine or by hand, hang dry or use LOW heat for a dryer machine.

Like all 100% white cotton, the first time you wash your bondage shirt it will shrink 2-5%. On all of my bondage shirts, the 2-5% is NOT noticeable at all. 80% of it will shrink 2% and 20% of it will shrink 5%. If your worried that the 2-5% first time wash shrinkage will be too much, order the next size up.